Tips to style the perfect sofa

Plump vibrant cushions on a lush sofa is just so inviting. And can change the look of a home in seconds. Our collection of whimsical cushions handcrafted in pure Irish linen, invite you into the Indian art of storytelling. Whether its monkeys frolicking on mango trees, the cheeky Indian sun or a fragrant burst of the Frangipani bush. These sophisticated pillows combine texture and colour with contemporary elan.

Our tips to style the perfect sofa

  • Choose a luxurious material base for the sofa ideally in natural fabrics of silk, cotton or linen. Solids or minimal prints work well if you want decorative cushions.
  • Dot it with lots of cushions – the more the merrier. Lush and inviting. Let each pillow tell a story of texture, design and mood. 
  • Mix and match cushions. They can complement or contrast. Play.
  • In the winter or for a chilled living room, bring out a throw for the sofa or even better an old shawl. It adds personality to any sofa and works as a perfect wrap.
  • Finally dot your living room with fresh local flowers, dim the lights, light an Art-chives' scented candle and luxuriate in your space.