Our tips to bring your table alive

There’s nothing more irresistible than a sumptuously dressed table with the choicest handcrafted printed linen mixed with fine china, silverware, glassware and objets d'art. Tablescapes are pure art. An expression of yourself, your savoir faire, your entertaining quotient. Luxe up your tablescape with the finest table mats and napkins from Art-chives and bring home the wild Indian garden. Whether it is monkeys frolicking or a grove of succulent mangoes or a floral burst of Indian rose, every table mat and napkin is rooted in the Indian art of storytelling. Our fine Irish linens with the handprinted magic brings your table alive with whimsical stories. 

Our tips to style the perfect tablescape. 

  • Pick your favourite Art-chives' hand printed table linen and arrange your table.
  • Mix and match table mats and napkins to create an interesting juxtaposition.
  • Bring out your favourite china, silverware and glasses. Use the expensive china!
  • Pick local seasonal flowers or simply forage some leaves from the garden and arrange them in short vases or glasses. Or simply spray petals across the table.
  • Throw some bric-à-brac across the table – shells, stones, silver objets d'art, photographs or even little verses of haiku written on paper.  
  • Dim the lights, add some great ambient music and light the table with candles dotted all over. Nothing like dinner in candlelight. 
  • Do the same for lunch.