As a child we remember our grandmothers telling us the story of the cheeky palace monkey that stole the princess’s sumptuous pearl necklace from the royal dressing room and escape into the wild garden. As the sun smirked, the flowers laughed and the voluptuous mangoes glistened under the summer sun. Our minds would conjure vivid images in a riot of colours often on a fabric of India’s rich textiles and other myriad canvases. This was our first brush with magic realism. We realized our myths like the Ramayan and Mahabharat were soaked in magic realism. Like the monkey-god, Hanuman, who created the path of victory for Ram in his war with Raavan. The gap between imagination and reality would often blur. Real stories with fantastical elements. Fiction laden with humour and playfulness.

Magical realism in storytelling was an inherent part our childhood. India has been a muse to poets, artists and civilizations alike. Its centuries-old ethos, its amalgam of cultures, its beauty in chaos.

It has been our dream to launch India’s first luxury brand soaked in magic realism, nostalgia and story-telling. A brand that captured an India in all its riot of beauty and play with a touch of humour.  The soul of an India that was, is, and can be. The India we want to bring home. 

I dream in India.

As we hope you will too. 

Enjoy the stories. As they unfold on our fine handmade Irish linen, artisanal hand-poured candles, sublime Cashmere shawls with pure sozni hand-embroidery (and dollops of humour) and new-age NFTs that simply make you ‘dream in India’.