Throwing a party takes more than just a bunch of friends and wine. A good party is all about sharing stories, about pleasure and indulgence. With a bit of creativity and pre-planning, you can simply kill it.


Get the right mix 

An interesting mix of people from varied fields always adds to an evening. Ten bankers in a living room discussing the stock market – that's a meeting room with cocktails. Always invite someone new to the mix. Invite one person from the creative arts – an artist, a writer or a designer. Connect everyone. Mingle and be the life of a party.  

As a precursor – send an invite. An old-fashioned but great idea it sets the tone of the evening.  And if you must send a text message, be witty. A theme or dress code is always fun and adds personality to the evening.  

Get the perfect setting

Having people at home is always personal and warm. Share a part of yourself with them – your personal style. Curate your home with your favourite things – things that invite conversation and curiosity. Fresh flowers are always nice. We recommend local and seasonal flowers, ideally fragrant. They don’t always have to be the most expensive ones.  Or simply create your own forage from your local plants or garden. Turn the lights down and get the candles going and turn on the Spotify. Chill tunes, dance, or old school electronica always works. Or stick to the classics – jazz and ghazals.

Be the best bartender in town

What you serve is who you are. Always serve Champagne! It gives the evening a brilliant spin. Tall elegant flutes with bubbles floating around. Sophisticated, chic and heady! You could go Brut or Rosé, Vintage or Non-vintage. 

A perfect bar has bubbles, followed by vodka (always Polish or Russian), single malt, red and white wine. Want to be fun – create a house cocktail. We love martinis. So Bond. Have them shaken. Or try the Reverse Vesper. 

If you have teetotallers, serve an old-fashioned fresh fruit punch (pick a fruit of the season for the juice) in pretty glasses. We love a virgin sangria and fruit spritzers. Make an effort to make it special for the ones that don't drink. Just remember no one likes too much sugar these days!

Be the god of grub

Cook if you can. Simple and fresh is key. Being seasonal is a clincher. People always appreciate the effort. Small plates are on trend. If you cater, be innovative – find a new cuisine or a hard-to-find one. Serve good food and people will come; serve great food and people will love you.  Celebrate food from different countries – your options range from Thai and Japanese to Indian and Italian. If you cater, find that secret caterer no one knows about. And arrange your table beautifully. 

Create memories

Remember, memories are why you had the party in the first place. Take pictures and share. Create a #hashtag to own your evening on the gram!


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