In the skies of an erstwhile time, the Huma, a mythical bird of good fortune takes flight. Almost evading the eternal screen of time, we fly with it into a fabled land. A famed and folkloric land - an enigma of mystique, magic and stories that have honed it’s mountains and shores for millennia.

Straddling the past, present and the unrelenting hypnosis of the subcontinent’s allure, Art-chives takes you into another world. Paying an ode to miniature painting, old havelis wrapped in the decadence of chiqs and pietra dura, this is a story embossed with plump brocade cushions and ever breezy jharokas. In the courtyard of time, two lovers embrace. As divans, dreams and desires come together in an
unabashed play of centuries, a phantasm comes alive. And as the looming and haunting fragrance overtakes us by its whiff, we crack open the ageless legend of infinite imaginations.

I dream in India.