After their sudden escapade into a royal dressing room, the monkeys dash into the wild Indian garden, glistening in delight. With a sumptuous pearl necklace and a regal silk turban as their loot, they are a sight to behold. Amidst the yellow burst of voluptuous mangoes, the earth laughs in flowers, as the koel sings taking flight over a Mughal ruin. And the almighty sun watches this splendorous spectacle with a wicked smile. An old fountain bubbles with water, as a languorous breeze blows over the wild Indian garden, flooding it with the most haunting fragrances. A riot of beauty and play. A season of splendour.

The Art-chives India scented candle captures the age-old olfactory traditions of fragrance making in India capturing the sublime Indian scents of Indian Rose, Night Jasmine, Neroli and Marigold. Each fragrance with its own unique story.